How to Power Your Home with Clean Energy in 2 Minutes

Did you know that new regulations now allow consumers & businesses to power their electricity with wind & solar? It only takes 2 minutes to do, and no expensive equipment needed.

Your utility company may not want you to know this but as a consumer, you now have a choice. While not all states have enacted these laws, many have and continue to do so.

According to the Department of Energy 1, over 20% of Americans now have access and that number is only growing.

Electricity deregulation map

Here at Clean Energy Central, we’re committed to educating the public about this exciting new change.

The process itself is very simple. You’ll get the same bill, same service, over the same wires. Only thing different is the company that supplies your electricity.

Here's How It Works:

Power your home with clean energy

See section (2) above? These 3rd party companies can go and buy renewable energy credits from local wind farms and solar plants.

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A small price to pay to lessen America’s dependence on fossil fuels! In some cases, the prices are the same as your current rates.

In turn, you get an opportunity to support the future for renewable energy. The more that clean energy is supported, the faster prices can come down for everyone – eventually being lower in cost than fossil fuels.

Here at Clean Energy Central, we've partnered with one of the leading providers in the market, Eligo Energy. Interested in seeing if they’re in your area? Fill the form below to find out.

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